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Monika Filipek
Monika Filipek

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Monika Filipek
Monika Filipek

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Monika Filipek
Monika Filipek

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Monika Filipek
Monika Filipek

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I am an interdisciplinary artist educated in Poland and Slovakia.

The main theme of my creation is Ecophilosophy.

My art studio is a space for quite an interesting mix: the criticism of consumerism, the manifestation of cyberpunk visions, and the fascination with organic structures of the natural world.

Based on a Street Art revolution and identity myself with alternative social movements I explore independent art territories through traveling, moving between media, joining visual arts with other disciplines, and organizing interactive events.

I deal with techniques such as paintings, ceramics, trash art, organic matter art, site-specific, and contemporary crafts.
The results are ceramic sculptures, mixed media paintings, objects, installations, collages, or recycled waste electric assemblages.


Selected Exhibitions:

2020 "Forest Inspirations"- solo exhibition, Kina Ceramic Design Gallery, Oxford, UK

2018 "Oxford Summer- Paintings by Monika Filipek"- solo exhibition, Art Cafe, Oxford, UK

2017 X Art Biennale, BWA Olsztyn, Poland

2017 "Collage-Assemblage"- collective exhibition, BWA Olkusz, Poland

2017 "8xY- The eight of Y generation artists in Scene X "-collective exhibition, ScenaX Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland

2016 "Deserted- arrived. Artists from the Warmia-Masuria", (with Rokosz group)- collective exhibition, Zamek Gallery, Reszel, Poland

2016 "CAHOOTS"- collective exhibitions, One Painting gallery, Lublin, Poland

2015 IX Art biennale, BWA Olsztyn, Poland

2015 "The Graduate. After the Academy - Liquid Identity"- collective exhibition with graduates of Academy of fine arts in Gdansk, IS Wyspa, Gdańsk, Poland

2014 "Machine/Breath"- Concert: Ray Dickaty, Kamil Szuszkiewicz, performance and installation: Monika Filipek, "Wolne Loty16", Praca Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2013 VIII Art biennale, BWA Olsztyn, Poland

2013- II Art biennale, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

2012 "Bliskoznacznie" Exhibition of Students from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the Fine Arts in Gdansk Wroclaw, Poland

2012 „The Venus Project”-music and art event, solo exhibition: Frog, Olsztyn, Poland

2012 " Picture, assemblage, installation"-solo exhibition, Fahrenheit Club, Gdańsk, Poland

2015 – 2016 University of Arts in Poznan, Poland Sculpture Studio of prof. Danuta Mączak


2008 – 2013 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland
Painting studio of prof. Henryk Czesnik

2011 – 2012 Erasmus exchange program, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava Slovakia

Painting studio of prof. Daniel Fischer

2007 – 2008 Olsztyn, Poland, University of Warmia and Mazury
Faculty of Art


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