Selected Exhibitions:

2017 "8xY- Eight of Y generation artists in Scena X " -ScenaX gallery, Olsztyn, Poland

2016 " Deserted- arrived. Artists from Warmia-Masuria", (with Rokosz group)-  Zamek gallery, Reszel, Poland

2016- "CAHOOTS" One Painting gallery, Lublin, Poland

2015- IX Art biennale, BWA Olsztyn, Poland

2015 "The Graduate. After the Academy - Liquid Identities", IS Wyspa, Gdańsk, Poland

2014- Machine/Breath-concert-performance, Wolne Loty16, Praca gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2013- VIII Art biennale, BWA Olsztyn, Poland

2013-  II Art biennale, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

2012- Exhibition of students of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of Fine Arts in Gdansk "Bliskoznacznie" Wroclaw, Poland

2012- „The Venus project”- music and art event, solo exhibition: , Frog, Olsztyn, Poland

2012- "Przestwory" Arts Festival, Gdańsk, Poland

2012- " Picture, assamblage, installation"-solo exhibition, Fahrenheit, Gdańsk, Poland

2011-"Wnętrze", Etnographic Muzeum, Warszawa, Poland

I was born in 1987 in beautiful magical and unusual region in Poland- Warmian-Masurian district.  Living close to the nature gave me a strong ideological base to thinking of art in ecological way.

I am graduated of Accademy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland with Master's Degree. During my art education I was studying at  Uniwersity of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, University of Arts in Poznań, Accademy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

I deal with sculpture, installation, intermedia, contemporary painting, experimental ceramic.  I'm  inspired by organic natural forms and shapes, as well as technological and social aspects of human civilization.

I am using a possibility of ceramic clay to conceptualize and show my vision and ideas.

I am experimenting with painting, using various forms of expression, and finding many of my own techniques.

I often use industrial waste found on skips, streets, dumpsters and urban spaces, but also natural waste  from forests, meadows, rivers and oceans. Some of my reused and upcycled-made objects or installations are interactive and powered by electricity. It is a kind of robotic-hybrid assemblages, constructed from dead parts of human civilization or post industrial waste.






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